August 2, 2014

Dr. Gunther Mävers: 2014 erneut führender Corporate Immigration Lawyer nach Who’s Who Legal

Dr. Gunther Mävers ist auch dieses Jahr wieder als einer der führenden Corporate Immigration Lawyer für Deutschland bei Who’s Who Legal (2014) sowie im Vorjahr sogar als einer der führenden Corporate Immigration Lawyer weltweit (2013) gelistet.

2013: „… Gunther Mävers is an ‘absolute winner’ in this field. He is the highest-nominated lawyer in Germany this year and is well known for his experience and EU business immigration expertise.“ [ …]

2014: „Gunther Mävers has a ‘wealth of experience’ in relation to visas, work permits and cross-border relocation. He is vice-chair of the IBA’s immigration and nationality law committee and peers remark that he is a “very well-established figure” in the sector.“ [ …]

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Dr. Gunther Mävers
Maître en Droit (Aix-en-Provence)

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