Dr. Gunther Mävers

Dr. Gunther Mävers

Dr. Gunther Mävers
Maître en Droit (Aix-en-Provence)

Registered Employment Law Specialist

+49 221 50003-606 

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Dr. Mävers, registered employment law specialist, is also a founding partner of the firm. Since the beginning of his law career, he has been active in all fields of labour and employment law. Among his specialization is the legal assistance of international companies, especially from the anglo-american world, concerning cross-border matters with all the related labour law issues. Thanks to his world-wide network of independant partners, Mr Mävers also coordinates matters labour for our clients abroad together with foreign counsel. Amongst others he consults companies from the IT sector.

Beyond that, Dr. Mävers has accumulated considerable experience in the field of corporate immigration law and has been acknowledged in “The International Who’s Who of Corporate Immigration Lawyers 2014” as one of the leading global corporate immigration lawyers in Germany. He is also a board member of Visalaw International as well as a global member of the Alliance of Global Business Immigration Lawyers and regularly speaks at the sessions of the Immigration & Nationality Law Committee of the International Bar Association, where he has been appointed Senior Vice-Chair.

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