Our work is strictly private. In order to give you a deeper insight, below there is an anonymized list of several projects that our partners were responsible for in recent years. We can provide you with specific references on demand, if we are allowed to disclose them.

Restructuring projects

  • Closing a production site of a publicly owned company from the metal and electronics industry (relocation of the production to China)
  • Implementation of a restructuring plan (operational restrictions) for a plant engineering company
  • Operational restrictions (relocating a production line abroad) of a global producer of industrial goods
  • Closing a logistics center of a brand-name manufacturer of office supplies by creating a transfer company (assistance during the interest reconciliation and social compensation plan negotiations, coordination with the transfer company)
  • Centralization of the entire back office of a producer of industry goods with over 20 production sites in Germany
  • Consulting to an IT service provider on the implementation of strategic reorganization (operational restrictions, modification of requirement profiles)
  • Consulting to a global engineering office on the development and introduction of a temporary employment model
  • Reorganization of global functions (modification of the matrix organization) of a producer of industry goods with international ties
  • Operational restrictions (interest reconciliation and social compensation plan negotiations) of an automotive supplier during the insolvency proceedings
  • Warehouse reorganization for a steel merchant
  • Implementation of a restructuring plan for a brewery
  • Acquisition of a retail chain in insolvency proceedings (Development and implementation of an acquisition concept)

Cooperation and Outsourcing

  • Consulting to a plant engineering company on the cooperation with a car manufacturer concerning the operation of a plant on the premises of the car factory
  • Support during the outsourcing of a supreme federal authority to a bidding consortium (Advising a bidder, recruiting and the granting of leave to around 2,000 civil servants and employees)
  • Support of an IT outsourcing project in the financial sector
  • Consulting to a health care provider on the subcontracting of operational activities to a sheltered workshop
  • Consulting to a logistics provider on the assumption of a cooperation partner’s operational activities (several sites in Germany), avoiding the transfer of the undertaking
  • Consulting to a telecommunications provider on the identification of the labor and social legislation-related risks of commissioning freelancers and work contractors


  • Implementation and roll-out of the Company Car Policy as well as the target agreements in Europe and worldwide in collaboration with colleagues abroad
  • Assistance in the market entry of a US client in Europe and worldwide in collaboration with colleagues abroad
  • Assistance to several German clients concerning their expansion in Europe and worldwide in collaboration with colleagues abroad
  • Obtaining residence permits for the purpose of pursuing an economic activity for several assembly line workers for the commissioning of a new assembly belt in a logistics center of the world’s leading online seller
  • Consulting on the deployment of about 30 employees to Germany in the context of a joint venture
  • Transfer of residence permits for the purpose of pursuing a gainful activity for around 60 employees affected by the internal restructuring following an acquisition

Hospitals / Healthcare sector

  • Support during the merger of an ecclesiastical and a non-profit private hospital (regulation of additional provision, implementation of the collective bargaining agreements)
  • Consulting to a major university hospital with numerous insourcing and outsourcing contracts (hospital catering, building cleaning) through the participation of subsidiaries
  • Creation of standard contracts for chief physicians, consulting on the introduction of a new remuneration model for chief physicians
  • Landmark proceedings for seven hospitals on the admissibility of an increased minimum volume for the care of the prematurely born babies in hospitals – Regulation on Minimum Volumes was reversed
  • Implementation and contract design for the Hessen-wide oncology concept coordinating oncological hospitals
  • Hospital planning legislation-related support and implementation of the structural reorganization of hospitals, especially concerning changes at different sites
  • Hospital planning legislation-related support and implementation of the merger of different hospital operations into one standardized plan hospital
  • Landmark proceedings on the admissibility of a hospital law-related competition lawsuit before the federal court of justice

Further Projects

  • Development and implementation of an innovative personnel recruiting and development concept for a major logistics service provider
  • Development of a concept for a catering service provider for the harmonization of the company pension schemes after the transfer of undertakings
  • A labor law-related review of a bribery scandal in a major publicly owned company with international ties and numerous participants
  • Development of a remuneration system, including the negotiation of a company wage agreement for a logistics provider
  • Development of a work time model for a logistics service provider, negotiation with the works council and representation before the Arbitration Board
  • Negotiation on a works council agreement on the GPS-surveillance of company cars
  • Development of a concept for the implementation of minimum wages for a retail company
  • Germany-wide roll-out of new employment contracts for the harmonization of the working conditions of a logistics service provider bound by collective bargaining
  • Landmark proceedings on the exasperation of leave entitlements
  • Several complex court litigations on work time models
  • Sales agent indemnification payment claims of a gas station operator for selling goods in the gas station shop
  • Support during the plan approval procedures for the expansion of a large mining enterprise
  • Nature protection law-related support in the exclusion of a commercial airport from the EU bird sanctuary list
  • Support of numerous clients living in the US in obtaining the right to keep the German citizenship when adopting the US citizenship
  • Assistance to several clients having lived in Germany for years in obtaining the German citizenship