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Dr. Jannis Kamann

Certified Employment Law Specialist
Certified Health Law Specialist

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“Law does not end at national borders. So does our advice: we bring the international perspective.”

Dr. Jannis Kamann is a Certified Employment Law Specialist and works as a partner of the firm out of the Cologne office.

Forward-looking international and employment law advice at the cutting edge: this is both Dr. Kamann’s self-image and his claim – and a promise that his clients, for example from the retail, pharmaceutical, IT and healthcare sectors, can rely on. Thanks to his many years of experience in cross-border matters, international companies also place their trust in him, for example when it comes to designing international matrix structures.

Dr. Kamann also has extensive experience in designing the use of external staff in an increasingly complex working world: “Scrum”, “Clickworker” and “Gigworker” are not foreign words to him, but basic terms in his daily work. He designs legally secure organizational models at the interface between labour and employment law and social security law and also accompanies companies during company audits and status proceedings.

In addition, managers also appreciate his empathetic and eloquent negotiation skills and his profound knowledge of employment law.

  • since 2021 Partner at michels.pmks Partnerschaft mbB
  • since September 2014: Lawyer at michels.pmks Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbB
  • from April 2013 to August 2014: Lawyer at Mütze Korsch Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
  • March 2013: Visiting Lawyer at an international law firm in London
  • from 2009 to 2012: Research assistant in a special practice for labor law, Cologne
  • 2013: Doctorate on “The omission in bad faith of an acquisition in the employer’s default of acceptance” with Prof. Dr. Ulrich Preis, Cologne University
  • Protection against dismissal
  • Work contract design
  • Support in matters of business transfers
  • Ongoing support for companies with individual or works constitutional issues, e.g. works council elections, recruiting, transfers, wage agreements and overtime
  • Litigation
  • Consulting for foreign companies in all questions of labor law
  • Cross-border deployment of personnel
  • Cooperation of hospitals from the perspective of civil and labor law
  • Cologne Chamber of Lawyers
  • German Bar Association (DAV)
  • Cologne Bar Association (KAV)
  • Working group on Labor Law of the German Bar Association
  • European Labour Law Association (EELA)
  • From start to finish – Labor Law for Startups, ArbR Aktuell (Labor Law Magazine) 2014, pp. 91-93.
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  • The employer’s positive knowledge of the employee’s insolvency – comment on the sentence of the Federal Labor Court (BAG), of 01/29/2014 – 6 AZR 642/12, ArbR Aktuell (Labor Law Magazine) 2014, p. 176.
  • On the compatibility of the Greek special liquidation proceedings with the German ordre public and the scope of the EU Insolvency Regulation – comment on the sentence of the Federal Labor Court (BAG), of 04/25/2013 – 6 AZR 49/12, NZI 2013, p. 758.
  • Violation of the right to be heard in labor court proceedings – Comment on the sentence of the Federal Constitutional Court (BVerfG), of 07/17/2013 – 1 BvR 2540/12, ArbR Aktuell (Labor Law Magazine) 2013, p. 495.
  • Admissibility of a differentiation clause between the collective bargaining parties agreed upon in the context of the law of obligations – Comment on the sentence of the Regional Labor Court (LAG) Hesse, of 11/19/2012 – 17 Sa 432/12, ArbR Aktuell (Labor Law Magazine) 2013, p. 373.
  • Loss of the leave entitlement despite the incapacity to work – comment on the sentence of the Federal Labor Court (BAG), of 10/16/2012 – 9 AZR 63/11, ArbR Aktuell (Labor Law Magazine) 2013, p. 133.
  • 15./29. 11.2017, Workshop Krankenhausrecht (Köln/Hamm), “Aktuelles zur Wahlleistungsvereinbarung” und “Neue Entwicklungen im Arbeitsrecht für Krankenhäuser”
  • 29.03/04.04. 2017, Workshop Krankenhausrecht (Köln/Hamm), “Das digitale Krankenhaus – rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen zur Telemedizin und zu Organisationspflichten des Krankenhausgeschäftsführers sowie zum E-Health-Gesetz”
  • 02./09.11. 2016, Workshop Krankenhausrecht (Köln/Hamm),Gesetz zur Bekämpfung von Korruption im Gesundheitswesen
  • 08./15. Juni 2016, Workshop zum Krankenhausrecht (Köln/Hamm), Persönliche Leistungserbringung im Speziallabor
  • 01. Oktober 2015, Intensivpflegesymposium 2015 am Universitätsklinikum Bonn, Delegation ärztlicher Leistungen – Intensivmedizin
  • 26. November 2014, Liquidationsberechtigung von Honorarärzten
  • 19. November 2014, Inhouseschulung Fallstricke in der Betriebsratsarbeit
  • 11/15/2013, Workshop on works council elections, The works council election – A guide for employers (2013)


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