Hospital Planning Law

Hospital Planning Law

A major focus of our hospital law advice is on hospital planning law. Here, we advise hospitals in the procedure for the inclusion of new departments and specialised centers as well as additional beds and services. We cover all questions concerning obligation to offer health care services under German law of a hospital and its representation in the hospital planning instrument (Krankenhausplan).

We accompany you from the beginning of the initiation of the regional planning procedure (in NRW) or the application procedure and advise you comprehensively from the formulation of the application to the coordination of the documents to be submitted and the implementation of the participation procedure or the correspondence with the health insurance companies involved in the procedure up to the judicial enforcement of the inclusion in the hospital planning instrument.

In particular, the preparation of new hospital planning instruments leads to hospitals having to reposition themselves and, if necessary, submit new applications for inclusion in the hospital planning instrument. Of course, we will be happy to support you in this process as well.

Together with you, we plan the merger of several hospitals into associations. We support hospitals and their owners from the beginning of the cooperation up to the contractual design and the implementation of the hospital planning issues.

Our claim is to achieve your goals without lengthy legal proceedings through our strategic and experienced advice. Should it nevertheless be necessary to take legal action in order to pursue a hospital’s claim under hospital planning law, we will of course also support you with our many years of forensic experience in the legal enforcement of such claims. The same applies to the conduct or defense of competitor lawsuits under hospital planning law.